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Monday, March 13, 2006

Where have our political leader's convictions gone?

Since the congress has become mere puppy dogs in the realm of checks and balances. Why? Most believe that it’s simply one party winning and becoming the majority, but it’s more than that . . . It’s a movement to stifle the other side and show a forceful collision attack on our beliefs.

But at what cost? That depends on your views. Are you a party person or one that believes in American Truths and convictions to a Constitution?

Today my Senator, Russ took a huge risk to his career. He took a stand because of the failure of Congress to act on illegal which the authorized. Sen. Feingold felt it was necessary to introduce censure upon President Bush. amounts to a slap on the hands. But it sends a message, enough.

I’m sure the rest of Congress will do what they always do, run and hide from the fall out. But as in the movie Top Gun, “Mav., I never saw such a gutsy move.”

Sometimes we just need to act to believe. Way to go Senator.

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