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Friday, April 7, 2006

Lies and Liars

I am tired of , those that purposely mislead for whatever reasoning. To me there is no excuse, no reason big enough to spin a false tale.

And still I wonder, why do we lie?
+ To mislead
+ To be liked
+ To gain recognition
+ For greed

Why do we lie

And as Christians it’s a sin to be forgiven and still we continue to lie . . . Who are we kidding?

We live in a world of deceptions, half-truths and disinformation. Everyone seems to think its ok, but not me.

As a child, I learned quickly that my punishment was harsher if I tried to conceal my guilt and so I took it upon myself never to lie and I don’t.

As a ten year old, I was full of mischief. Each day after school, I would go to a local factory and cause havoc. I had a BB gun and I would shoot out each and every light bulb on their loading dock. One day I took the gauges off a machine that sat on a pallet. Another time I took hundreds of cardboard pieces and threw them on a hill of dry grass for sliding down . . . Wax and dry grass makes for a great slide. And then one day a security guard saw me, running, I swung my BB gun toward him and fired.

Today I would have been put in jail, but back then people saw the pranks for what they were. But everything comes to an end . . . And so one Christmas morning so long ago, a neighbor came over for a little Christmas cheer. He mentioned that someone was terrorizing the company where he worked. I remember sitting there, getting warm. My father turned to me and asked, “Dan do you know who’s been doing shooting out their lights?”

That was one of the longest moments I have ever had to endure. For that morning, under the Christmas tree was a brand new pellet gun and I knew it would never see my hands or the light of day . . . But I couldn’t lie.

“Yes,” I said as the tears began to puddle in my eyes. “Was it you?” asked my mother. Mothers can see deep into your soul, somehow they know.

“Yes,” I said, and ran off crying to the safety of my room. All I wanted was to hide, to disappear, to die. I had embarrassed my family’s good name. I had embarrassed my father who worked so hard to feed and cloth me. I saw the sadness in their eyes and I would never forget.

I never shot another light bulb. I never trespassed on that property again. Sure I was a boy and I did other things I am not proud of, but when asked, I never lied.

And to this day, I don’t lie, no matter how painful it may be. I try to hold myself to a higher standard, the same one I hold up to my President. For he holds our most respected position in our Country and if he lies, he embarrasses his position, he embarrasses our Country. Maybe his embarrassment is punishment enough, but I don’t believe he has been honorable. And it hurts me to write this, but our children are seeing these lies.

Today, we must act. We must write are Senators, Congressmen, newspapers and tell them , for our children’s sake and for the future of our Great Country.

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