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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Rambings on the wires - April 19, 2006


The second wave of , are stacking up on the other side of the door, all the way from to and now . But ?

Not for me . . This President needs to regain the support of the American people . . . He will have to dig a little deeper in the manure pile.

And , but not because of the current situation in , he should go because he failed. But is that enough?

Did President Bush’s advisers authorize illegal NSA wire taps? Did his advisers authorize the actions in Abu Grab? GITMO? Did his advisors sign the renewal of the Patriot Act with a signing statement boasting he would not follow the newly added controls as he did once before in the McCain torture bill? Did his advisors declassify information resulting in the outing of Valerie Plame? Did advisers misinform the President to include those famous erroneous words in the state of the union address leading up to the Iraq War? Did Mr. Bush reclassify previously declassified documents as to cover his trail?

It’s time for Mr. and the rest of his cabinet to go . . . And while we’re at it, maybe we should clean the Senate and the House.

Just ask yourself, what have they done for you, the American people?

They look the other way as American companies outsource American jobs, they can’t seem to get Americans the health care they need, they look the other way as foreign interests buy up our country, they couldn’t even do their job reigning in a Rouge Administration and now they work toward sanctioning immigrants crossing our borders.

Sure there a few good ones . . . But only one had it right . . . . Everyone else was too afraid of Mr. Bush and his .

Dan Hanosh
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