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Sunday, April 8, 2007


When's was the last time you felt a chill go down your spine and the hairs of your neck stand up? Not fear, not really, maybe dread of something, anything . . . I’m rambling, because it was so terrible, so inconceivable that anyone could be so cruel and yet it has happened again and again. Why?

I’m not looking to you to answer. I don’t want to hear any reasons of justification for that may give credence to the hideous crime and allow it to happen again and again. , reasons to fail, reasons to do the same thing over and over without change. And then comes the forever justifying phrase, but what are you going to do, you’re only one man?

. Looking away, telling oneself it isn’t so and still it goes on.

Yesterday I was
reading a poem the hairs
on the back of my neck
stood tall mere soldiers
at attention and my iceberg
messenger slid down my spine
. . . my eyes began to fill
I knew his pain I heard of
those with the numbers
carved deep into their
forearms it could
happen again . . .
I cried.




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