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Sunday, May 6, 2007

Because parents need to know - Part 4

Part 4 . . . . Doctor Death, captain of the dream team

I woke up with peace in my heart . . . And I knew my little family and me, we get through this thing together.

Our doctor referred us to Dr. King, a surgeon from Froedtert hospital. We called, made an appointment for the next day . . . When CANCER is involved, Doctors move very quickly. . . . I was surprised.

At Froedtert, we parked in a four story parking structure. And made our way to the elevators, our car was on the daisy level. Daisies you laugh . . . The speakers were blasting out Doris Day singing her rendition of “Please don’t eat the daisies.” And I couldn’t help smiling. It eased my mind just a little.

I remember crossing the walkway and feeling my throat tighten, I wanted to scream, to run and hide. I watched all the others crowd into that tunnel maze, no one knowing where they were or where they going, they just did.

I remember pushing the up button and waiting forever waiting. Everyone crowding in and I wondered . . . What terminal disease did they have?

We sat in the outer waiting room for what seemed like a life time and then I thought maybe it was . . . My boys. Finally someone lead us through the big double doors, into one of the many small examining rooms. My son sat first, and then my wife, I stood.

And shortly the doctor came in, a thin man, youthful thirty-five or so. His name was Dr. King. Heather, his assistant was with him.

“Where did you go to school?” I asked trying to make myself at ease.

“Iowa,” he said proudly.

“A Hawkeye, eh?”

“Yes . . . “ he said, rather surprised I knew.

“We used to live in Des Moines.”

Then and there my boy coined his handle, doctor death. That’s when I knew my baby boy was scared. He was scared of the surgery and I was too.

The doctor explained my boy’s sarcoma for us. He told us that he wanted him to go through Chemo and radiation. A regiment, it was a nationally recognized procedure for his type of CANCER. I felt a little comforted in that doctors had a standardized plan of attack.

“Maybe we’re not the first, the only this has ever happened to?” I thought to myself.

Then he explained why he wanted my son to go through hell’s gate . . . He said it would reduce the margins of the tumor. So when he operated he would be able to cut all the ugliness from my baby’s body.

Dan Hanosh

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