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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Everything is Connected . . .

. . .

For sometime I have been saying that everything is connected . . . In my study of the human character I have found that to be true.

Bear Stearns continued . . . Now the FED wants more power . . . They call them tools . . . Who controls the stock market? Who controls interest rates? When interest rates go up the stock market goes down . . . When interest rates go down the stock market goes up . . . And Bear Stearns hit the CRAPER, when a rumor that was circulated through the market that they were in trouble. Stearns stock plummeted and the firm across the street, picks them up for a song . . . And J.P. Morgan’s Dimon just happens to be a member of the FED . . . Hmmm.

The DOD awards contract for Fuel tankers to Air Bus . . . What about American Boeing? Recently headlines state airlines windshields are breaking in flight. It appears the planes are manufactured by U.S. Boeing . . . But wait Airlines have been lax on maintenance, the FAA has been lax on Airlines . . . Is the Boeing products CRAP and Airbus much better or something else?

Oil prices have reached all time highs . . . Independent Truck Drivers stopped hauling their loads for one day, yesterday . . . Diesel is higher than gas and cheaper to produce. Costs are being passed on to the consumer in the form of fuel surcharges for every commodity shipped . . . Oil Company profits are reaching all time highs and to the congress the CEO’s have testified that profits are just reaching double digits . . . And now rumors are starting to circulate that companies are failing to use generally accepted accounting principles . . . Ah, funny Enron accounting . . . This might just seem like fodder, but truthfully without these principles, profits are not being reported accurately . . . Not to the Government, not to the shareholders and not to the American people . . .

The FCC has allowed monopolistic practices to diffuse our airwaves. The media is not reporting stories, their not digging for the truth, reporting the truth . . . The FDA has allowed tainted products into our country . . . FEMA failed to come to the aid of our citizens during events such as Katrina . . . HUD has failed to police the housing market, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The SEC failed to police Hedge Funds, Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers, Goldman Sachs . . . Homeland Security failed to secure our borders . . . FAA failed to regulate the Air Lines. Our deficit is reaching trillions . . . Our health care is in shambles . . . The American Dream is just a memory.

And so everything being connected . . . Our Government is in ruins . . . It has become so during a Republican President’s Term . . . A party, a man that believes in less Government. That believes in privatization . . . Isn’t that an oxymoron . . . The private sector always maximizes profits causing costs to skyrocket to you and me . . . And the Iraq War fought with a large private army, costs are in the trillions . . . Investor Hedge Funds bailed out by the FED, paid for by so called worthless paper mortgages . . . But aren’t all paper mortgages secured by the property? Yes, yes it is . . . Isn’t the FED part of the Government? No it’s not. The FED is made up of the largest banks in the world . . . With their foreign shareholders . . .

And now I ask you, when is a CRAP job rewarded? When it causes the American people to embrace what you and your party believes . . . Wait a minute . . . Wouldn’t that make failure a victory? Not to you and me . . .

I could end this post here, but I won’t . . . I am a Republican . . . And to me, these guys are traitors . . . To them, money is everything, to me, my country is everything . . . Traitors should be sent to prison for life and they should be striped of all possessions . . . And maybe more. You see our way of Government depends on truth. It depends on honesty . . . We haven’t seen those qualities in a long time. This President has set us back to the sixties . . . To Vietnam. Only we don’t have a draft . . . So which is worse? War is hell . . . Maybe a War Time President should serve at the front of his troops . . . Boots on the ground searching buildings and commanding men. Maybe then things would be different?

What a beautiful thought, our commander where he belongs, at the front of his Army, fighting his war for his people . . . Maybe then we would not be so quick to rush to war, eh?

Dan Hanosh
Dreams are yours to Share

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