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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Puppet Master . . .

. . .

What do you think about “The Puppet Master” for the title of my fourth book? My notes are growing by the day . . . I just can’t stop until I piece it all together . . . And last night I fell upon the Why? . . . Soon I’ll explain the video at the top of Dreams, and blood diamonds . . . Can you say Conspiracy?

Ever wonder why we think certain words are bad? Liberal, Communism, Government Handouts, National Health, Social Security . . . Ever really wonder why other words make us think of strength, power, goodness? Ever wonder how Joe Leiberman could switch parties and still be credible? How can any Democrat become an Independent and still have friends in congress, but in truth he’s Republican . . .
It’s kind of how James Carville, a staunch Democrat is married to Mary Matalin, a battler for everything Republican . . . They have two kids.

Folks the battle waging is for you . . . A show for power with two sides, as if one was good and the other evil. The truth, The Puppet Master doesn’t care . . . Agendas may appear to be different, but the outcome is always the same . . . Ever wonder why?

Everything is connected . . .

Today I heard Pope Bernard is coming to the United States . . . Da Vinci Code followers, do you think this means something?

He is slated to go to the White House . . . The rumor-mill has it that he refused to give Condi an audience . . . Sounds about right . . . Though you won’t hear much about that one . . . Condi is on the short list for McCain, getting ready to battle the Dems. Whoever the winner is or the female/male ticket or the male/female ticket . . .

. . . While here the Pope is going to the United Nations. Just to be a mouse in the Pope’s pocket.

Ever wonder why we went into Afghanistan? Bin Laden right? No actually, someone with royal blood wanted a piece of the poppy crops . . . For a while the drug shipments were down and now, they are shipping for an all time high . . . Sorry I just couldn’t help myself.

What about Iraq? A Pyrrhic victory for the Bush family . . . I thought it was over Oil . . . ? No more likely water. You see, a small country in the Middle East was running short . . . What about the oil? Just a small by-product . . . Like all commodities Oil surfs along with the rest of its buddies, gold, silver and diamonds . . . Well maybe not diamonds or maybe not Oil now, anymore . . . It’s so confusing . . . So if you think the world is running out of a commodity then you’re apt to pay whatever The Puppet Master wants . . .

I’ve been researching The Puppet Master for many years and now it’s starting to surprise me when I can predict what’s going to happen next . . . Iran is on the horizon. I cringe every time I hear about an aircraft carrier going through the Strait of Hormuth . . . I get this eerie feeling left from the Gulf of Tonkin. Do we really need another Persian War for whatever convoluted reason?

But the U.N. was never pulled into Iraq . . . There are only five countries left without a Central Bank . . . I wonder which?

I wonder if the Pope will get an audience with the FED?

Dan Hanosh
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