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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Globalization or Stupidity?

All we hear anymore is the world is a market place and we need to learn to compete . But let me ask you why are our so far out of whack with our ?

It’s simple . . . The marketplace that gives them the best return is in the U.S. Why? Because today we are still the wealthiest country in the world with the largest number of dollars earmarked on non essentials. Now does it make any sense that the jobs are going elsewhere? Maybe but the theory is short term and no one is looking long term.

If all the high paying jobs go away, what will we buy those non essentials with? Or better yet who will buy their product? If American Companies for cheaper dollars where will they sell their products? Will they sell them in those countries where the get the cheap labor? Hardly, they don’t pay them enough.

We have become a Capitalist Country run by business and business can not make sense of anything except immediate profits and losses . . . If they make paper, they don’t think it’s wise to plant trees where they have just clear cut. The costs are too high. You figure . . .

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