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Monday, March 20, 2006

You Might Be Mistaken

Today I write of , I write the as fiction . . . Though most of it is true.

We live in a hate filled time. Several years ago I heard of a story that made the tiny hairs on my neck quiver. A friend’s brother had reached out for friendship to someone via the internet. I won’t make it sound innocent, but truthfully I don’t know. He set up a meet and was arrested for child whatever . . . An officer was posing as a fourteen year old girl on the internet.

I’m not defending his actions, but what if they’re ?

We live in a strange time where those charged are put on a html lists . . . Their names, faces and addresses are beamed all over the world. But maybe it’s only when their convicted, still does it matter? . . . It amounts to he said, she said. What my friend’s brother said vs. what the officer said? Does the arrest justify any means necessary? What if we’re wrong?

A week ago, my friend’s brother and his mother were found dead in their home. They were beat to death with a baseball bat.

. . . Could it have been because of the list or maybe something else . . . Several days later I found out that his sister had been living with a creep and she had moved out three months before . . . A month later, her condo burnt to the ground. No one connected the dots or if they did, it amounted to nothing . . . Yesterday the boyfriend was arrested . . . Apparently he had been in jail once. He was considered a and had a history of abuse.

And now . . . I have to ask, who was talking to the fourteen year old?

Was it the boyfriend who might have got a hold of the brother’s computer? What if? How does an innocent person get off the list?

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