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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Introducing Mr. Feingold?

In response to an article in the L. A. Times


To the Editor
After reading an Article in your paper, "Introducing Mr. McDean?", I felt the need to explain the unexplainable. Mr. is not a party machine. He cares for American interests. So many are pulling their hair out trying to figure out the Senator. But it's easy. He is my Senator, my man in Washington . . . I have been writing him for years. He always answers. We don't always agree, but he always has the best interests of the People of Wisconsin and American People in mind when he votes. And for that I am proud. He is the real Deal.

He's a staunch supporter of the and I know nothing will ever diminish that. He believes in the American People and our rights. I know he would never let anyone take them away without a fight. He was against the and remains so . . . But let me tell you something that you may not know. When the Act came up for renewal he considered voting for it, providing several checks and balances could have been added. That's right, he would have become a supporter. Why? Because he believes in fighting The War on Terror and winning it in behalf of the American People. And I know he would have fought just as hard for it as he has fought against it.

Senator Feingold votes his mind, his heart . . . He is a Uniter and does believe in compromise. His word is gold. To him, Right is Right and wrong is not acceptable.

Your article said, he voted for the impeachment of President Clinton. And I would say one only has to look at his record for his reasons. And then I know he believes so strongly in . I don't know his exact thoughts, but let me assure you it has something to do with breaking the law. A President takes an oath to uphold the Constitution and to follow the letter of the law . . . Now if our leaders fail in their oath maybe actions need to be taken.

He is the real Deal . . . Not afraid of the political fallout like the rest of the Dem's and the Rep's. I'm sure he wouldn't appreciate me knocking members of his party or others, but sometimes people just need to know. And let me tell a thing about myself, I'm an American first and then I'm Republican.


- dhanosh@yahoo.com
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