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Friday, March 17, 2006

Ray Meyer, Coach

My heart hangs a bit heavier than normal . . . Today, , legendary coach from University died at the age of 92. I wouldn’t begin to say he didn’t live a full life nor would I hint that he hadn’t left his mark.

For this once aspiring round baller, he epitomized the title of Coach. And I for one, would have done anything to play for the likes of him . . . He stood and fought with the Greatest, John Wooden from UCLA, Al McGuire from Marquette, Digger Phelps of Notre Dame, Bobby Knight and so many more.

I was never fortunate enough nor gifted enough to play for DePaul. And yet I feel I came away a winner merely by watching others. . . That was Ray Meyer.

I remember observing his demeanor on T.V. His unforgettable smile and the excitement he emitted for a sport encompassing an orange sphere and ten guys, he called his team. Ray Meyer to all was Coach.

He showed us how to win gracefully and to lose honorably. He added so much to my youth. And all that comes to mind is Coach I’ll miss you. Thanks.

A small sphere, sitting
in my hand, slowly
caressing it’s surface,
the earth is mine, to
do as I wish.

Hand held flat, it rolls
to the center, now
sitting alone, so small,
I realize, I
am in control.

With my thoughts, shaping
my destiny, I
reach out, together, we
can change the


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