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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Illegals and King George

The revolves around the interests of Large Corporations and theirs around the bottom line. If profits plummet, Conservative money goes away . . . And then you’re left with nothing but empty words.

The Right can’t afford only to court their Corporate friends or they would never win an election. Add to the mix of loyalists, Pro-Lifers, Religious Factions, a war to exploit a ridiculous myth about strength, throw in the hint of tax relief and the left would be hard pressed to win another election. And that’s where we sit today.

Both sides are rallying trying to gain the voters anyway they can. And there are twelve million in the United States. And they have had children, natural born American citizens. That could mean two to twenty million likely voters. Democrats say they are for the rights of all people and says they should be allowed to stay to work.

Mr. Bush would want you to believe he cares about illegal immigrants but I believe conservative causes are merely camouflage of the well to do, Elitism is alive and well in the United States.

The GOP wants you to believe they care about you as well . . . But what have they done for you lately? . . . Have you received a tax break? Has your healthcare gotten better or are you paying more for less? Or maybe your one of the 40 million plus that they have forgotten?

We can’t really believe Conservatives care about life with all the death and dying in Iraq? Why is it that no body knows for sure how many Iraqi’s have been killed? For that matter, how many were children?

It’s time we all wake up . . . If any of them really cared, all Americans would have healthcare, six weeks vacation, a pension plan that we wouldn’t have to be afraid of losing and everyone would have a college education without the life time of debt . . . And we would be . . . And why not, the European’s have it, why not us?

Over the years, we have been dealt a bogus tale of hurting the bottom line of American businesses. I have watched Corporate leaders tear at their structure, I have watched them play their games . . . I worked for ANR/Advance and I saw leaders run a company into the ground because of millions of dollars owed by them for pensions . . . The Teamsters struck and they bright boys closed the business. Make sense you might say, unless you watched them spend money on needless things . . .

Remember Reagan and the Air Traffic Controllers Union. Mr. Reagan broke that union, called it illegal and hired new controllers paying them a lot less. Back then pilots were secure in well paying jobs, now all they have is the stress of post 9-11 with pay cuts and airline bailouts.

And years ago, we were convinced as U.S. manufacturers went south, that we would become a thriving service provider . . . And slowly good paying jobs went away. Now those jobs are leaving also and soon we’ll all be left with out.

Today there is a Revolution going on . . . Business is at war with labor . . . They want to lessen their largest expense, labor. And we have put our heads in the sand . . . But let me ask you, if someone was willing to your job for a third of what you’re getting paid, do you honestly think you’d still be employed?

Closing boarders isn’t the answer . . . We needed enforcement of the emigration plan ten years ago, now it may be too late. NAFTA was supposed to build companies and trade with Mexico . . . It never worked and still the ‘Illegals’ kept coming. And now American jobs are being given to them for pennies on the dollar. And not many are crying out, for they are enjoying the savings, I know I did when my roof was replaced.

I feel for illegal immigrants, but if they don’t pay taxes, what do we owe them? Both the Democrats and the Republicans are mistaken in their loyalties.

I’m sure they are grateful to work for a couple dollars an hour and live here in houses of twenty or more, sending their wages to their families. But why, wasn’t Nafta supposed to help?

Did those companies that moved to Mexico help Mexico? No, because they have again found cheaper labor, in India and China. Everyone knows a company that made the move. Don’t you feel betrayed? They call it globalization, I call it Treason. If an American Company received tax exempts, wage concessions, etc. and still they left

. . . We should boycott these companies, but we won’t why? Because we like to buy cheaper goods, but I would say to you, if you buy foreign goods when there is an American alternative than you are supporting foreign Capitalism not American. It’s up to us, each one of us.

But we beat the Russia didn’t we? Yea, we outlasted them, but for how long? What will this country be without our middle class? What will our economic footprint look like in the years to come?

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