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Sunday, April 2, 2006


with their infrastructure, and supporting twelve million emigrants, I would be for nationalizing them. But let’s get real we are a country in a Revolution. Fellow citizens, corporate leaders are slowly eroding what we have come to know as the American Dream.

If we were Europe our education system would be sound, everyone that wanted to go to college would without carrying enormous debt.

If we were Europe, no one would be turned away from healthcare. Most industrial nations have some form of national health for all of its citizens . . . Even as a Canadian we would have national health, etc., etc.

If we were Europeans we would have six weeks vacation per year to spend time with our families. And if we were Europeans, retirement wouldn’t be something we would need to worry about. If we were Germans, we wouldn’t worry about fighting senseless needless wars, not anymore.

But we are Americans and our history is short . . . Our Historic Revolution was fought over tyranny, we liken it to a revolt on a tax, but the truth it was much larger . . . All you have to do is to read the Declaration of Independence to realize the hearts of our forefathers.

As of yet, we have never had a Revolution between the haves and the have nots . . . Our Civil War was fought supposedly over slavery, but I like to explain it as free labor vs paid labor.

And yet today we still have hunger among our people, we still have the homeless, we still have the illiterate. And we don’t read, by choice. And those that have are getting stronger and those don’t, well we know their story.

Ten years ago there was a push for corporations to hire Temporary Employees. It was easier to make a call to an agency and have them send a worker for office work. Today they even supply workers for every conceivable task. And the worker works for half, sharing the rest with the temp agency. And the worker receives no benefits, no overtime, no vacation, and no health insurance.

There’s a reason is tied to the employer, we are not able to leave because health insurance requires thirty to ninety days before reinstatement under a new policy. Sure there’s Cobra, but who can afford to pay that. So we do without.

And now labor costs are going to be further diluted by legalization of illegal immigrants. Democrats want us to believe they are for rights for all people . . . Some think the migrant worker should be paid the minimum wage. What’s wrong with that?

Say a brick mason’s laborer was making $15 an hour and now the contractor can get laborer for minimum wage . . . Good Bye American Jobs. I am for the Migrant Worker’s Rights, accept when they degrade the American Middle Class to levels back to the 1930’s.

But why aren’t ceasing the opportunity to be for the American worker? That’s easy, votes . . . Twelve million illegals with one or two kids, one would be six million American Voters . . . Two kids, twelve million. Do the math.

Now do you really think the are against legalization? Hardly, they are for business interests and in the end they will embrace Mr. Bush. If a business could cut its largest expense by two thirds, explain to me why they wouldn’t? American workers be damned.

I am tired of hearing every pundit saying that the . The truth is the do the job for so little no American can afford to take the job. Do the break down, if we make less we can’t afford to buy more . . . And so much for the greatest market in the world.

What can I do, you may say? Write letters, emails to your Congressmen and Senators. Write those lousy newspapers, tell them what you think. Tell your friends and family to do the same . . . But write tell them not to import the American Dream from Mexico, tell them it’s time you help the American People. Don’t let them turn our America into a .

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