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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Puppy Dog Dreams

We are the protectors
of puppy dog
. . . with a wee cuteness
he bounces into our lives
his baby like likeness

captures our hearts
our socks become his toys
a rag doll becomes his best friend
while we are away . . . and our shoes
become merely collateral damage

still our love grows
toward the innocent
unprotected child
. . . we make excuses
for his mischievous ways

we say . . . he didn’t know
in truth he’s mended
the ach in our lonely hearts
with his squeak of an
itty bitty bark

he gently nibbles our hand
until . . . we pick him up and
quickly he falls silently asleep
in the bosom of our laps and he
dreams . . . puppy dog dreams.

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