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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Where is this Country Headed?

I wonder where we’re headed as a country. Freedoms are failing faster than night turn into day. The Patriot Act has been permanently passed into law. Only one Senator seemed to be against it.

The has ruled on a case that had to do with of a house and almost determined that it was lawful. Three saying it was within the boundaries of the law.

Very soon we’ll be required to have a passport to cross the borders of Canada and Mexico. And the powers of our country are actually considering allowing those that entered the country illegally to stay and work using work visas.

And today my son signed papers to buy a vehicle and the bank requested a finger print. It’s a first for me . . . To see him to press his thumb on the dark ink pad and press it onto a card made my blood race . . . Yup, that’s right a finger print. The bank’s representative gave no explanation . . . Where are we going?

I’ve had two unmarked police cars speed into my driveway because of a speech my son gave several weeks ago. They never showed their badges. Fear is a great intimidator.

I seen an armored vehicle the likes used in Diehard, speed through my community, battering ram and all.

In my county the police send under aged kids into bars, trying to buy drinks. When they’re served, they arrest the bartender and fine the bar. Police officers act as fourteen year olds to trap sexual deviates on the internet. Signs are put up in communities stating that a sobriety check is ahead. Squad cars are parked on turn about roads and officers pull over anyone turning onto those roads and their given a dunk driving test. Sure they make arrests, but are illegal in Wisconsin.

And the people condone these acts because they get likely criminals off the street. Now nothing surprises me. Not armed troops on my corner, not tanks going down my road. New Orleans changed all that. What about the law? What about the American people’s rights?

And only one Senator seems to be upset, Senator Russ Feingold of Wisconsin. He tried to Censure the President for illegal wiretapping and the Senator’s party turned their backs on him. Now I ask you, where is this Country headed?

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