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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Buy American . . . April 23, 2006

by Dan Hanosh

What if goes into bankruptcy?

Many think that Car manufacturers get what they deserve because their products don’t stand up dollar for dollar to imports . . . .

, it would be the largest company in U.S. bankruptcy history . . . $160 billion . . . that’s with a “B”.

Do you remember when . . .
was the largest? 2001 . . . $ 63 B
? 2002 . . . $103 B

And the Dominos are stacking up . . . Just waiting to fall.
2005 . . . $17.1 B
And Gas Prices are on the rise.

Let me ask you one thing about Globalization . . . Why are India, China, Mexico, Taiwan imports into the U.S. so much higher than U.S. Exports to them?

Why does the own so many American Companies?

Because , it has the largest disposable income. What am I saying? The world has to catch up to us, for us to make money in their markets . . . So I ask you why try to sell in a market where you have to cut your prices? If you sell below your cost, you’re cutting your own throat. And so I ask why Globalization, why now?

What if we shut off our borders? Stopped imports and stopped exports, we would be paying more but we would be making more also. You see, everyone wants a piece of the American Dream, don’t kid yourself. Everyone wishes they lived here and we don’t protect our own . . . What’s with that?

Why don’t we buy American?
+ GM has 147,000 workers
+ 460,000 retirees on pension plans
+ American Shareholders
+ American Bond Holders
+ American Dealers
And all those buy American Homes, they shop at your businesses, they use your services.

And what about?
+ GM Bankers
+ GM Bankers employees
+ Insurance Companies
. . . That’s me and you.

Now add all US Car Manufacturers. They are all in the same boat and you have an ailing nation . . . The effects would hit our country like an Atom bomb and its ripples would be felt in every state, in every city and family. And some cities would die as would some families.

So what’s sitting in your driveway?


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