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Sunday, April 9, 2006

Mere Machines of Agenda

I must be naïve. all my life I thought of the United States as being built on trust, love and righteousness. After Vietnam I never thought I would see my Country fight another unprovoked war. Today, my eyes are open. is another instance of a man with an agenda gone astray.

It’s happened many, many times before. Our Country was founded on such an agenda . . . Don’t for a moment believe the was written because of a mere tax on Tea. The people of the Colonies didn’t have to drink it. Nor was the fought to end slavery . . . Succession split the Union and federal forts were fired on. Everything else is the lies of righteousness. Our entry into the second World War was paved by an attack by a country whose declaration supposedly sat hidden on someone’s desk. And before it was all over we would do the unexplainable and use . . . started in the because of an attack on the by boats from North Vietnam. Today it is being disputed and many think our own CIA had something to do with it.

For what? . . . There are no answers for that question anywhere. Why war? I once was a gun ho youth but that was long ago. Now I’m disappointed in my America, not the Government but the people for not being able to see through the lies. wrote of soldiers, machines, called on, for duty and to die. Most soldiers hate war, but all good soldiers fight and die, .

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