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Monday, April 10, 2006

Ramblings on the Wires - April 10, 2006

In a time of political disaster for the President, an all out blitzkrieg from the right on entering Iran. Where does it end . . . The insanity I mean?

of and the minute Congress goes on recess the GOP Hawks inundate the wires with hints of taking action against Iran. I guess one war . . . Ops, I better not forget Afghanistan. Two wars aren’t enough?

Has anyone thought for a minute that our leader may not be right in the head?

Does anyone remember the days before the Iraq invasion . . . Remember the shock and awe . . . Remember embedded reporters. Tomorrow I will put together from my files and emails, my version of the lead up to the Iraq war . . . So much we have forgotten.

In the Freeman on Saturday . . . Our local Blodgett, was at it again. She spews hate as if she has a cauldron brewing over her fire in Merton. Her broom must be sitting right next to the door just incase she needs to write her message in the sky’s of cyberspace.

This time she was whining about the Democrats putting over the top in the Waukesha Mayoral Race.

And I quote, “Let’s see. The head of the Waukesha County Democratic Party admits that most of the party’s members supported Nelson,” she said in her column in the Freeman on Saturday.

Jessie, why not use his name, maybe because we all know him? What sets my trigger into motion is she has this ridiculous notion that all conservatives get their news from the Right Winged Loonies of talk radio, where she can be heard. I don’t, I turned their hate off long ago. But let me applaud Ann for not stooping to their level.

I’ll admit there is more going on here then just her constant garbage in the Freeman. Let me set the back story a little for you . . . Jessica is the wife of our local hate mongerer, D. A. He is running for Wisconsin Attorney General. Anyway my attitude toward him boiled over several years ago. A girl on my street was hit and killed by a car while waiting for the bus. It was a tragic scene. A high school girl of seventeen had lost control of her car that day. For six months or more there were vindictive assaults in the local paper as the trial progressed and eventually the girl was found guilty. Although I think the judge was somewhat leanant. But our great D.A. pushed for the maximum sentence and what he got was emotional cruelty. She got eight months in Huber, night prison. And each year for five years, she has to pay $500 to the mother and spend a week in jail on the anniversary of the accident. I mentioned this to our D.A. and his comments to me were, “She got what she deserved.”

Maybe our D.A. after ten years on the job has become too cold hearted to be D.A., too cold hearted to be Attorney General. I believe he is over exuberant and truly believes he can use the law anyway he wants to get his convictions up. But we will pay a price for his actions.

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