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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Price Was High . . . April 26, 2006

. . . The price was $2.99 a gallon. Last week, it started at $2.84 and by week end it was $2.89.

the price was the same price as a McDonald’s hamburger, that’s when you could get one. Twenty-three cents is long gone, but is the oil?

I’m not sure, I suppose someday it will. But I’m willing to say that it’s very unlikely because oil is made from decaying plants. And frankly each year leaves fall, each year they rot and in maybe 10,000 years, Quaker State will have another quart. . . Why the high prices?

Isn’t it just, a little too coincidental, , I mean? ? War monies are spent on products that normally would not be needed, such as bombs and large amounts fuel. Stop the uncontrollable source of oil and watch the prices climb . . . My proof is at the pumps and the oil companies all time high profits . . . And then you’ll just have to check the ties . . . Have you heard of the Kingdom?

Today was appointed . And here we go for more, Fox and the White House, and Prince . Follow the money and make your own conclusions.

And now I ask, why isn’t gasoline a Public Utility? Our homes are heated by public utilities, and at night we see by them. Well at least we did before the Enron debacle? And how could we forget Bernie Ebbers, WorldCom . . . Privatization doesn’t work with oligopolies and monopolies without Government intervention. We’ve been here before. Remember tariffs and price controls, sound familiar? Oh and how about rationing?

Every family in the U.S. needs gas and privatization always seeks the highest rate of return. At some point, prices do not react merely to economics; but from controls of consortiums. And now we have too many tiers of gougers and prices differ all over the U.S., in the form of profits, taxes, and special blends. Gasoline is escalating well out of affordability.

Now I ask you ? Seventy dollars a barrel wouldn’t kill us if our costs were shared over a purchasing consortium. And then we could buy oil just like China, through the purchasing power of a Country, and in this case, the biggest and richest country in the world . . . And then what if we bought all the oil? Are you starting to see? As long as things stay the same, the worse it will be to the middle of the roads, like us.

Dan Hanosh
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Jason said...

You think there's gas shortages now? Just carry our your plan to nationalize the oil/gas industry and you haven't even begun to see shortages. Turning gasoline production and distribution over to the government would be a disaster. All you have to do is look at how they're handline the passenger train industry (Amtrack) and you can see what a disaster that would be.

Dan Hanosh said...

Maybe, but Amtrak is a private company and used to be subsidized by the Fed. Bush put an end to that. And actually before Bush Amtrak ran fairly efficiently. And maybe dollar for dollar subsidizing trains make more sense than plains dumping fuel and circling airports. And do you realize in the 1800's train travel stopped at most cities . . . In Illinois for instance they actually had train tracks every five miles. Now there's bike paths . . .