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Thursday, April 27, 2006

The Real Heroes . . . April 27, 2006

. . .

Today I write of the humorous anecdotes of a British Judge. Justice Peter Smith presided over the copyright infringement case involving and the . His honor left a hidden message in his verdict. In random bold characters, he spelled out ‘Smith Code’.

. . .

I remember the news wires twenty years ago . . . Something had happened in a reactor in the Soviet Union. News reports were sketchy at best. They talked of an explosion and evacuations. But the truth never really is told, for those who know aren’t talking. inside its concrete sarcophagus. An those that sealed it up were called the Liquidators. ( Excerpts taken from the NYTimes )

Just imagine those individuals dawning protective suits and heading into battle with an invisible killer. Fireman, pilots, soldiers, scientists sent to contain the reactor. They worked furiously trying to encase the core, dumping concrete on the molten tomb.

And today it’s slowly eroding. The tomb won’t last the 100 years needed to contain the radioactivity. In 1997 The Chernobyl Shelter Fund was established at the G7 Summit, to fund the .

Observations . . .

As a country we once acted as a world leader and today we are so self indulged in a war the world didn’t want or need. . . .

Dan Hanosh
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