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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Ramblings on the Wires - April 15, 2006

We talk of , but no one seems to talk about buying American . . . I for one believe that it is my duty as an American to buy American made products, not products sold by Americans made by third world countries . . . Sure they’ll be more expensive, but let me explain the outcome if we don’t.

When we buy from other countries we are supporting their life styles, not ours and if you don’t think your culture is important just think about living on a bowl of rice a day as they do China or India. We are not playing in a fair market because Companies from all other counties are subsidized. It would be like playing monopoly and every time you passed go, you had to pay $200 while the others received theirs and yours.

We’re the only country where healthcare is put on the backs of Companies, instead of the Country. Our labor costs are the highest in the free world and yet we fight nationalized health care, rather stupid I would say. And everyone seems to forget that China is a Communist country . . . That means people work and are paid by the country not the company. Labor costs are not part of their business model.

And then there’s the shear fact that both India and China our third world countries. No matter what they do, they are improving their quality of life in their poverty racked countries. They work for pennies on the dollar, because we buy their products.

We can not support the world. At some point they have to go their own ways . . . And I for one would say, stop buying their goods and watch the U.S. again become number One once again.

. . . And what are our leaders concerned with, giving illegal immigrants, assimilation into the . Folks we are in a war, I’m not talking about , but industrialization and no one is at our helm.

If we listen to the Corporate Moguls we will be doomed. For all they care about is maximizing share holder equity, profits and they come from higher sales, lower costs and no one seems to care about national loyalty, social responsibility or even poverty.

We need leadership that pushes for an American Agenda, not something out of Orwell.

Dan Hanosh
Dreams Are Yours To Share


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