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Friday, April 14, 2006

How to raise lots and lots of money . . .

My Challenge

I have been my whole adult life. I don’t think it was a choice, it just happened. For so long I was a sitter. You know our career choices, we think of ourselves as thinkers, writers, programmers, bloggers. Heck if I only had a computer hooked to my bike.

Enough already! From my Hair Challenge everyone knows that I am V.P. of my Kiwanis Club and my year long project is to help support our local food pantry. And so I started a new campaign called . . . You guessed it.

And for all you out there, this is hot. I have gotten great responses. It’s Simple;

1. Create a Pledge Sheet stating your weight goal and blanks for pledges to write
their donations per pound.
2. Get others to do the same.
3. Generate advertising in local papers, radio stations and blogs.
4. Oh and don’t forget to go on the diet!!!
5. Reach your goal and Collect the money for the Food Pantry or whatever your charity
happens to be.

I mentioned this casually to five people and got five pledges for $350. And before you know it, we could


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