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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Ramblings on the wires – April 13, 2006

Sitting at my desk trying to login in to another blog . . . And I can’t . . . My mind starts to ponder. What if the is monitoring our emails, phone calls and such? So what, it’s been said.

What if the one reading this, follows orders? And maybe he takes his own initiative, searches out those with differing opinions and messes with their packets? So what . . . Every communication to the outside world is in the form of packets. Just what if they were intercepted at your ISP and forward to say someone, read and sent? Read and Deleted? Or even read, modified and sent?

allows some of this. And others have just taken their authority to a higher playing field, much higher than the law allows, that is legally.

And I ask you, regardless of where you sit on the fence politically. Is this the country you want to raise your children in?

One day we will wake up to internment camps for those believed to be violators of the state, will be the claim. Then it will be too late.

And then I wake up and log right in.

Dan Hanosh
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