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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Rambings on the Wires - April 12, 2006

Should it surprise me that Congress is working on an after several weeks of marches, civil disobedience . . . Oh no?

First I am not against the underdog . . . But today that is every man, woman and child. I wish we were in a position to help, but with Iraq, high fuel prices, and no health care . . . Need I mention . . . You can’t possibly think we can actually be for the rights of others when ours are all but thrown away.

, I have seen their marches on street corners in little old Waukesha and the media hasn’t shown one picture . . . Mexican Americans walked out of schools and took to the streets. They hung U.S. Flags upsized down beneath the Mexican Flag. I don’t know about you, but I’m a little peeved.

Is it because our boarders are being used as an open door or is a force of potential voters need appeasing? We Americans have become apathetic, we’re afraid of losing our jobs or being ridiculed . . . Heck we’re afraid of a world of possibilities and so we stay at home. We dare not write a letter, an email . . . And to march is out of the question. We’re not nuts, we understand reprisals.

And neither were the German people almost seventy years ago, during the rise of the Third Reich. And still our world is oh so screwed up.

The Hammer has fallen, Libby is talking and the media is telling us our President can leak whatever he wants . . .

And I say to the world go read the U. S. Constitution and then we’ll talk.

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