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Friday, April 21, 2006

Ramblings on the wires . . . April 21, 2006

It happened in , it happened in . . . , public burnings and the people turn up missing. In Germany history recorded the acts. In Vietnam we’re not too sure. And still it keeps happening . . . Why?

starts with a righteous cause led by a few to rid the masses of demoralizing virtues. It grows and somehow the cause becomes unclear and grows bigger still . . . Now it’s not just books but those that practice behaviors different from the rest . . . And fear, pits neighbor against neighbor to rid the scourge from their very doorsteps.

And that my friends, is how WWII Germany became what we know it to be.

Today, we are at war. They gave it a name, The War on Terror. Will we be able to recognize fellow Americans from the enemy?

I have seen the call for censorship on the Net. I have seen it and had it done to me . . . For a writer, it has the same effect as if someone painted words on my home and yet it’s happening at increasing levels.

Don’t for a minute think the isn’t just the phone . . . Not at all it’s the NET. And how proactive is it? Who writes the viruses? Who writes the spy programs? when no one is using it? Are you any safer?

We’ve got cameras on our intersections, cameras on our ATMS . . . And I’ve heard of cameras being put in neighborhoods for neighborhood watches to watch. Fascism is at our doors.

Dan Hanosh
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