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Saturday, May 6, 2006

Fat Man Losing . . . May 6, 2006

Ramblings on the wires . . . May 6, 2006

Fat Man Losing . . . This week I started . . . My other blog is going to be dedicated to weight loss and healthy living.

Warriors and Wars

Well, I haven’t been able to keep up with my blogs lately, because of my . Anyway today all that ends.

Now I am renewing focus on changing the world, one person at a time . . . My theory is not to judge others, but to prove to be a good example so they in turn will want to change one person at a time. This is more important than the taxes we’re paying or any agenda. We have to start giving of ourselves and sharing for that’s the only legacy we will be able to leave our children’s children.

Why do we lose sight of who we are? Today, we’re either or , fat or thin, good or evil, rich or poor, Christians or something else . . . So why do we care what a man is, as long as he has a good heart?

Somewhere everything changed. I tracked it to two events . . . the first happened during the Reagan administration with the breaking of the air traffic controllers union and the other was the movement to ban smoking. On the surface both seem righteous and yet both were detrimental to the American Dream.

You see as we were hard working, hard playing individuals. Working ten hours a day, then heading to the bar to smoke cigarettes and play. Back then we fought for a living wage, marched for better working conditions and Americans supported worker’s rights to strike. But it changed with PATCO. The American people couldn’t relate to the . They made so much more than the average, lived in expensive houses and drove expensive cars. And everyone thought they didn’t work enough.

America abandoned them. I remember the day they were fired . . . Everyone I knew, applied for their jobs. That was the day American’s lost every bit of bargaining power we ever had.

And then came the thirty plus year war, waged by the surgeon general, with warnings and the removal of the cigarette Ads from the TV. And it slowly grew to seat belt laws, child restraints and bankruptcy laws and it continues. But why?

The lender’s, banks and insurance companies, wanted to curtail loses. What loses? Americans buy insurance in case of calamity, right? But why do you expect to be reimbursed for a claim? After Katrina many weren’t. Insurance companies only keep the minimum cash on hand, the rest they invest. Same goes for banks . . . Why do we expect our money to be there? It’s not, they only keep a portion. So why are we so trusting?

Today big business is ruining our lives. are at an all time high and the companies profits are just as out of control. And yet they want you to believe they are running short of oil . . . Maybe, but remember their industry is a consortium. A few companies dictate the prices of the oil. More oil won’t change anything, only a true free market would do that and that’s not going to happen. Why haven’t any more refineries been built? Simply to control of the price of oil.

If our government really cared, our houses wouldn’t be using direct current, we would be storing electricity in batteries and natural gas in storage tanks to be used at off peak periods. They would have built mass transit trains, rather than subsidizing airlines. Does anybody remember Enron?

Well enough of this . . . I just want you to know I am neither Republican or Democrat. Why? Because I only care about the future of my country and maybe that’s wrong? But my name is not Gates, nor is it Bono . . . I don’t have the money of the Rich and Famous. And so I think selfishly on behalf of my country and maybe our elected officials should start thinking about us also.

Because do you really care about the price of tea in China or India?

We need to start thinking solely of America and rebuild our country and all our people. Those without health insurance our a burden to all Americans and that’s why we should have national health . . . I’m not saying one pays for the rest, I’m saying tax dollars of each individual goes to pay for that families health insurance. We have to stop thinking that we’re a country that lets their people do without . . . It doesn’t work that way. The truth is those without, cost all of us much more in the way of taxes and premiums.

We have hunger in the United States. We have children without homes living on the streets. And were concerned with other countries . . . Maybe we need to fix our own first!

Dan Hanosh
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