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Sunday, May 7, 2006

Buy American . . . May 7, 1006

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A Government is supposed to be like a father figure. To work on behalf of its people. So what happened to ours?

does not need to import oil, why? They grow sugar cane and produce ethanol from it. So why not us?

Because our Government is tied to business instead of the people that they are supposed to represent. We have a president that micro-manages . . . He has his agenda and only works for the people when we have a catastrophe. And we have a lot of them, so where is he?

The U.S. can not go it alone anymore. Our pockets aren’t as deep as they once were. The aren’t finding out what the people want, the only give the people something when it’s tied to their agenda . . . ANWR.

So what do I expect from my Government? What all other countries have and more, healthcare, retirement, 6 weeks vacation, a college education for all.

You might say, that’s ridiculous and I would say, we’ve already paid for those things and never got them.

The Republican Agenda is a roll back of forty odd years, a roll back of the so called entitlements. But let me tell you, do you really want to go back to those times . . . It wasn’t the good times you remember. If you roll back Social Security, there’s no security blanket, taxes will go up. Today healthcare is costing those with healthcare more because everyone that doesn’t have it go to the ER for their healthcare needs and that is picked up by each one of us. As is college tuitions, etc., etc.

If the Government works for the people, with the peoples money every U.S. citizen should be doing better. But let me tell you, we’re not and their not. And the Clinton years weren’t all that great either, as was the Reagan years. It’s time those in Washington forget their differences and start working for the people, not just business, and not just special interest groups. It’s time the people united with a common message.

You work for us!

Dan Hanosh
Dreams Are Yours To Share


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