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Monday, May 8, 2006

Ramblings on the wires - May 8, 2006

I like to listen to when I drive . . . I agree with a lot of what they say, but I have a question that is bothering me. Are all Democrats Atheists?

Many of the Air America hosts come across as anti-religion zealots and I don’t think that is the message that is going to win back congress.

Growing up I was taught religion was a personal thing and just not talked about. And for most my life that has given my life an even keel. Mention religion and heated debates always transpire. So why do some Air America Radio hosts believe that mentioning Atheism as if it was a religion is beneficial to the Party?

I may not go into a church, for very personal reasons, but I’ll never say I don’t believe because I do with all my heart. I pray, read the bible. But it behooves me why some don’t see belief as a good thing even if they don’t. Why is believing so bad, especially if it leads people to living a more moral life? To me it doesn’t matter.

The Democrat party is they are becoming too diluted in helping all people, I call it the holier than thou syndrome. They want us to believe that if they were in power things would be better. But wait a minute, if you try to help everyone, you’ll end up helping no one, so what about helping us first.

, there a revolving door . . . It makes no sense, as does NAFTA. and always protect it first and foremost. And then and only then bring other countries into our fold. I don’t mean take them over, but build allies, true allies. We should have invested in Mexico as well as in our own country. So often business and employees are at each other throats and the first time there is a down turn in profits, employees face the knife. Why? We’re all American and still we fall on our own knives, not very smart.

Everything we learned from Vietnam, we forgot . . . Why? A new generation, thought they knew more, the older generation didn’t share, do not read? Pick one, it’s all the same. War never solves anything.

And this thing called Globalization is a hoax. It’s unattainable by those educated goof balls ruining our economy with a theory. Somewhere they thought Globalization would move all the third world countries to our level. Hey, stupid wake up. Ever heard of physics?

In my opinion, it depends on size . . . American markets can not sustain the world and its own people. It’s not big enough. So why not do a little at a time. We have a real problem with . Why not fix them first? Our first mistake was moving American companies to Mexico, rather than building Mexican plants to serve Mexican markets. GM, Ford and others had it right and their paying a price. We have abandoned them in their time of crises.

You see most businesses haven’t been known to plant trees after clear cutting a forest. So thirty years later, they run out of trees. By moving manufacturing to third world countries they enjoy labor savings, but where are they sell their products? The U.S., that market has suffered from outsourcing and everyone is making less and buying less.

. . . Cheap products are only that cheap.

Dan Hanosh
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