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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The price was high . . . May 10, 2006

Ramblings on the wires

Today a tears came to my eyes for I received an email . . . For the past two years I have been growing my hair and three weeks ago, I got it cut and sent it to . Today I received an email with a Certificate of Appreciation.

And it said . . . Daniel Hanosh has gone to great lengths to help a child.

And tears ran down my cheeks for I knew that some little boy or girl would not feel the pain of ridicule because their medicine had caused their hair to fall out.

I won’t tell you growing my hair came without a price . . . We don’t live in a judgeless society. Persecution is around every corner. I learned so much about prejudices, they lay dormant. I’ve seen homeless people, wait for long periods at fast food counters while employees acted busy and stopping to wait on others. I felt the stares from those who just couldn’t seem to leave it lie. And there were other moments where I reached out to the homeless and still others reached out to me.

Yes the price was high, but there is hope around the bend and you know I can't wait to do again.

Dan Hanosh
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