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Thursday, May 11, 2006

The Real Heroes . . . May 11, 2006

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Yesterday I drove by a building in Waukesha, Wisconsin. A line of people draped the building and wrapped around it tightly. What could bring so many out to wait in a pouring rain? And then I saw the sign, . Food . . .

Waukesha is not just anyplace. We’re just another city in the greatest country in the world. And that’s what hurts me most. Why in my country, are some doing so well and the rest, well we get by?

Life is not fair . . . Maybe or is it we’ve lost our way, lost our compassion?

I believe we think we pay too much in taxes and get nothing in return. That many that could work, don’t and they get hand outs, they live on the rest, that a person paying for steaks with food stamps lives better than us.

But the truth . . . What you think you see, doesn’t mean they don’t need our help. If person buys steaks with their food stamps and gets behind the wheel of a Cadillac . . . We’re outraged.

But what if the car wasn’t theirs and the steak is going to be cut up for soup for all month. And maybe you think the people in line are just sponging off the rest . . . But the truth is they are a lot like you, they don’t want to be there, pride is a hard think to swallow, but we do when it comes to our families, our kids.

Many times the money just runs out at the end of the month. Everything that can be sold or pawned is gone and the only thing left is to seek help somewhere . . . And that’s where the Pantry of Waukesha County comes in. and the others over there work tirelessly for her clients. I don’t know how they do it day after day, but I am glad they're there for us.

I am proud to live in Waukesha, I am proud to give to the and to help where ever I can. This Saturday is the for the Food Pantry, I will be there to Work . . . Please Give Generously.

Dan Hanosh
Dreams Are Yours To Share


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