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Friday, March 30, 2007

Today I for my second poetry book, “”. Two long years in the making, after reaching a bottom in one area, I fought back and reached a pinnacle with my writing. As you know, life has many twists and turns, but it’s all in how you handle it. We don’t live peak to peak, we toil each and everyday moving toward that elusive goal.

From its inception, “Sleepless Nights” has been an awakening of a man’s spirit, seeing life through deeply seated feelings, which I turn into words. Realizing that each thought, each emotion was something very special to be shared with others. I won’t lie and tell you my path didn’t come without hardships. And when the lion roared I stopped long enough to write them for you as I did with, “I Should Have Screamed”.

My journey is not mine alone, each of us will walk a similar path with all its joys and sorrows. I’m very proud of this endeavor, for it’s my best poetical work to date. And I’m equally proud to introduce several works by my nephew and friend, Christopher Appel. Many of you may know him by several poems I wrote, “Chris” and “The Special People”.

“Sleepless Nights”, is a continuation of “The World Outside My Window”. It further dives into the deepest recesses of my heart, my soul.

he’s never treated me
as you have he’s never treated
anyone that way he’s never loved
me as you have without wanting
anything in return…

The sun rises in the east
sets in the west tells us
when get up when to eat
tells us when to sleep
and hell it even tells us
when to die…

Bounding freely
into the woods
breeze scolding
wildly against
my bare chest…

“Sleepless Nights”, coming soon . . .

Dan Hanosh
Dreams Are Yours To Share


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