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Saturday, March 31, 2007

. . . March 31, 2007

Yesterday I finished my book, “” and today I’m on the other side of that hill, speeding toward the bottom. Isn’t funny how human mind works, we can’t wait to finish and then we miss it when it’s over . . .

And now I have that familiar emptiness. It never lasts long, I won’t let it. Quickly, I busy myself with another project . . . I always have something blowing in the breeze. I’m finishing a novel, writing two others, and researching another. And then I have my blogs . . . A writer has to write.

Let me explain where I’ve been. Ten years ago I was working hard at the 9 to 5, I thought I loved, raising my boys, and finishing up my degree . . . And like everyone else I had left those ugly required classes to the end. And that’s when I found it. One of the many true loves of my life.

You’re probably thinking, I’m talking about writing . . . But I’m not, at least not yet. I had to do an end around and take a required art class. I was old and starting to gray at thirty-five. I couldn’t draw a man that didn’t look like a stick. And in that class I learned art. And found out, I wasn’t half bad.

You see, everyone can draw . . . No really.

Ok, try this . . . Take an Advertisement from your favorite magazine and draw it . . . Looks crummy don’t it . . . Now turn it upside down and draw it again . . .

I told you, everyone can draw!!! . . . In that class we had to do a little of everything. Drawing, water color, oils, soap craving, printing, etc. It was the easiest ‘A’, I have ever gotten . . . And for the next three years, I drew and painted everything. And here I am . . . Today, I’m a poet, I paint with words.

And so it goes . . . And I asked myself, what would make a great poetry book, one I’d get really excited to write, to research and my readers would enjoy reading . . . And then it came to me . . . A book of travels, my way . . . No flying, just train, car and ship. And people, poems and sketches, all mine. For this one I plan to illustrate it my self. I found writing on a trout stream in a sudden rain storm, I learned to draw in a meaningless required course and I write of life’s loves, loses and limitations.

wrote “”, wrote his “” and I’m going to write my own adventures of the world unknowing.

Dan Hanosh
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