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Monday, March 26, 2007

Writing Is The Easy Part March 26, 2007

Writing Is The Easy Part March 26, 2007

It’s been said that the writing is the easy part . . . Maybe . . . Yet writer’s write because they have something to say. Readers read because they feel their missing something from everyday life. No one knows for sure what everyone wants. Maybe it’s the thirst for knowledge, the quest for entertainment, the lack desire, or the search for a deeper meaning . . .

It’s a writer’s duty to write something worthy of being read. To be the best writer they can. The catch is writing anything that readers want to read.

We as writers dare to dream, to be different. We dare to write that one story that has never been written before . . . And there are few remaining. How many times can we describe a tree, a winter’s day, a wisp of hair dangling or her button nose?

And so I say, it’s not uniqueness of the story that keeps readers hanging on each word, each sentence . . . It’s the deliverance. Words can appeal to our deepest desires as poetry. Words of love can be love. Words of lust can sound lustful. Words of battle can become chaotic, choppy bits and pieces of rushed thought.

was a master of words, he could put you to sleep with his use of dialect and then explode in your mind with the most vivid imagery of a river while his story ever slowly moves forward. Most times he masked his intent with fluff, but we didn’t mind because we always left us with more than we came with.

And did it his way with, “Old Man and the Sea”. It was a simple story about a man and a fish and yet many say it’s his best . . . Maybe it is. Because all readers can relate, we are able to see ourselves in the place of the old man . . . We see something that we want oh so bad and we know we will never get it.

The great writers could write about anything and we would leave wanting more . . . Their words were poetry to our ears. Their words made us long for more.

So what’s the problem?

Dan Hanosh
Dreams Are Yours To Share


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