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Monday, April 30, 2007

Dreams build motivation . . . April 29, 2007

Today I wanted to share a few memories I have gathered from a favorite place of mine. It sits above all on a beach in Kennebunkport, Maine. The Tides Inn By-The-Sea is one of the most remarkable places I’ve ever stayed.

You aren’t likely to spend any sleepless nights at the Tides Inn. And for the record let me say, Inn’s are America’s great secret. You just have to look to find the right one and unforgettable memories will surely follow.

And with the right motivation, one can Dare to Dream the impossible . . .

Tides Inn beside the Goose Rocks

Salty waves lap the opaque shore

powdery snowflakes whirl in the surf

Sand Dollars rolling aimlessly

enslaved by hordes of puny particles

light gray Seal Pups bobbing in the distance

diving for lobster crab and clams

Stripers skirt feeding on occasional Sea Worms

nosing the fluid bottom sojourners bow and

kneel for frail seashells

strangers wander in search of solitude

along the ebb’s edge - crashing waves

guest’s gather from around the globe

flocking for shelter at the amber Inn

- natures own glass ball – Tides Inn

beside the Goose Rocks.

Dan Hanosh

Dreams are yours to Share

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