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Monday, April 16, 2007

I Know Now . . . Why I'm So Mad

I Know Now . . . Why I’m So Mad

Wow, it took so long for me to learn, why. I know now, why I’m so mad . . .

I’m mad as hell at the Imus firing . . . Censorship is alive in the new millennium. It lives with the Iraq War Media. When our presidential powers to be, rise up against a cable entertainment show . . . I can not sit back and be silent anymore.

Their reasoning doesn’t make it right, it never does. Hitler had his reasons with book burnings. And many thought “Catcher in the Rye” wasn’t suitable for reading. They tried to Censor it, tried to keep it from being published, tried to keep it out of our schools.

As a writer of words, I become outraged at any attempt to silence a voice. We need to realize the obvious, each of us have the ability to turn it off. Not to listen if we don’t like what we hear. But when we try to keep the messenger from giving his message, that’s Censorship and that my friend is wrong and against the Constitution . . .

Give it a read. It’s the best written document in the world and it’s yours.

Dan Hanosh
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