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Monday, April 16, 2007

First Impressions

First Impressions . . .

Many people have looked my way with that look . . . You know the look, the one that seems to pierce right through your flesh. I am heavier than I should be . . . I know that . . . Don't you think?

I've watched those people turn away . . . I've seen them turn from tatter-torn dressed homeless people or victims of a terrible accident leaving them less than attractive. I watched as they quickly look the other way, never connecting, never feeling the pain. And I have felt the pain.

Why do we judge? Aren't each of us much more than what's on the outside?

Remember the cliche, never judge a book by its cover . . . There's a reason we have cliches, they tell us of the time.

I walk this path in a different light and never would I dream of walking to another's beat. Never would I want to wear another's shoes or live their life . . . For mine is the one I cherish and never is there a day when I don't live mine to its fullest. Now how about you?

Dan Hanosh

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