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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

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. . . Tuesday, April 10,2007

In a world with so much going wrong, why are we so concerned with destroying a man’s career for one mistake? No one is saying, at least not yet that he has done this consistently . . . No really. But it’s ok for others. And what if, it’s part of his stick, his gig, act or whatever.

Now let’s look past all that . . . What has he done for others? He raises funds for our wounded vets, he supports our troops and even our President. And he has a ranch that helps children in need experience something that they would never have a change to feel, to be.

And what was the harm, truly . . . One comment, while most people were on their way to work. Did the basketball team hear his comments or ? . . . ? And the , Girls B-ball team coming on the tube, what’s with that . . . Couldn’t be for publicity, now could it? Don’t you think it would have been much classier, for the team to have simply said, “We forgive you,” and gone back to class?

Geewiz, maybe if you see its president defending a student maybe you would be more willing to share a little of your cash with Rutgers

, , etc., etc. . Remember geometry with its sets, subsets, unions and intersections. Which category do we belong to first?

I’m a white . . . I hate that. I’m a white, male, independent, poet, blogger, writer, father, husband, home owner, friend, son, son-in-law. Strike that. Or rather I’m a father, son, writer, poet, blogger, son-in-law, home owner, friend, etc., etc.. No wait . . . And I could go on and on . . . Who are you?

Enough I say . . . let the sleeping dog lay.

Why must we hate so
why can’t we forgive
what keeps us merely

an image . . . a man
forgave us from his perch
forgave all man kind

and yet we judge
Imus a man for saying
what others say so

freely what kind of
rhetoric crap is this his
smudge a thought

destroys all his good
yes he failed yet they
won’t accept anything

but his head why what
makes a man a man he gives
freely of himself

for the children I
ask do they do I or do
you . . . we must forgive.



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