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Thursday, April 12, 2007

. . .

was first conceived by me as a signature for my first book, .

What would I write on the inside of my book for a reader, a person that wants to know me . . . I racked my mind for days until, it dawned on me, I live to read, to write and to share my thoughts. I can still remember writing those words for the first time . . . Dreams Are Yours To Share.

I felt a chill, for only I knew how long I’d been searching for my Dream. , a trout stream in Wisconsin. I had an epiphany in a rain storm, with a pen in my hand I learned, . And .

And from there it grew . . .

Its message is sincere and comes from deep within my soul. It’s a message to anyone who has ever thought of writing a poem, a story, a novel . . . Write, I beg you. Everyone has a story, but most carry it as a burden with them all the way back from where they came.

Maybe you don’t think you can? Neither did I and yet I write everyday. And my world wouldn’t be complete without writing, a journal, a poem, a story or a novel. Fiction has become my passion . . . Don’t be afraid to follow your dreams, it will be alright.



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