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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Can Anyone Do Anything Without Judging


Ramblings on the wires . . . I’m not sure . . . If we go to a movie, we make a decision to like or not to like. And then we tell everyone. If we read a book, first we have to see it on the shelf. The title must be a catchy phrase to us, the first sentence seals the deal . . . We start to read. And if we like what the author has created we keep with it until the last sentence. And then we judge . . .

What gives us the right to citizen anything? Money, does that give us credentials. Maybe we went to college to become an expert. But does that give one the right to destroy a dream. Because you are an expert does that mean that the piece you critique is the artist’s best work? Do you paint, do you write or do you just judge?

Writing is a private thing, done in the deep recesses of the mind. Every writer starts writing for different reasons and every writer advances at his or her own pace. I find it funny how critics forget they came from the same pot. But it’s not only writing, painting, music, it’s everything.

We’re teaching our kids it’s ok to trash others work. Teachers do this all the time and I’m not exactly sure it’s a good thing. What if everyone wrote? Let’s say everyone had to write their own biography before they died . . . People would read more than they do now. How cool would it be to hand down Uncle Bob’s book from generation to generation? We wouldn’t forget our heritage.

Why not give writing a try?

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