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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Montesino . . .

. . .

In the distance my roosters are crowing. Outside my office window, it looks like rain. My chickens have gotten rid of the mosquitoes. It used to be that no one could go out of the house without being swarmed by hundreds of the diving, biting marauders. That’s the beauty of living in the woods.

My house sits on an acre or so, surrounded by trees. Many are over forty feet in the air. The pines, I planted are just beginning to grow. In the summer no one can see the house except a small tunnel left down the drive. I prefer it this way. One day I hope to put up a gate. I seek solitude to write . . . I call my place Montesino after a cigar. Montecristo would be just too pompous a place for me.

Montesino isn’t a huge estate, it’s rather small . . . But who’s to say, to ant it would be huge, to me it’s just right. The house is just a simple two story with garage, four bedrooms, three baths, a basement and a screened in porch. I’ve taken one of the bedrooms for my office. Wall to wall book shelves, a desk, several computers and a lounge chair. I’m a writer of words and my office is filled with books, papers and manuscripts.

The house needs work, but a writer has to write . . . Every fall, I come out of my study and work on the house for several months. Maybe one of these years the house might actually be done.

Year after year the flower beds continue to bloom, spring, summer and fall. Occasionally a flock of turkeys will wander through the yard or maybe a fox, a raccoon or deer. In the fall thousands of geese can be heard as they fly their familiar southern route. My dogs love to run after my chickens. There’s nothing better than a fresh egg or a tomato, strawberry, raspberry or grape from the vine.

Montesino is my personal utopian dream.

Dan Hanosh

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