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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Find Your Passion . . . Live

Today is my 27th Wedding Anniversary and I’m happy . . .

Passion, desire, excitement for living life . . . So many just go aimlessly through life, treading water. What happens when you tire?

I’ve never grown up, I don’t want to. I’m the same at 49 as I was at 17. I love life because I’m not afraid to die and I live everyday as if it were my last. One day it will and I’ll be ready, I have no regrets.

But it wasn’t always like this . . . I was like everyone else until I went fishing on a trout stream and it rained. I was looking for something in my life and until then it alluded me. Until I was at my most vulnerable and in the rain, I started to write and I never stopped . . .

Mid Life has unexpected barriers for you to over come. It’s a time to find your passion, time to embrace life and live your dreams. Sure you might have to reorganize your priorities, settle for less, but the rewards more than make up for your losses. Happiness can be had, you just have to want it enough to make a change . . . Live your life with passion. Find your bliss. Are you excited by each day?

I sing to my self every single day . . . I live to write, I love life.

Dan Hanosh
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