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Friday, June 1, 2007

My Special Place

Everyone has a place they love to go and think. I live in such a place. I call it, Montesino, my utopian dream. In between the words, each day I wander to my back screened in porch. With book in my hand, I watch nature go about its daily activities.

My chickens peck at bugs on the ground. Cardinals call their familiar song, root rue, root rue. In the distance a turkey can be heard with its hoarse scratching throat. Dragonflies buzz the grass. Bees fly from flower to flower in the wild flower garden. The sun fights its way through the trees.

And I dream in the pages of a book. Fanning my thoughts, cultivating flashes of words, sentences in which I’ll cement onto a page.

And If you don’t own such a place, find one . . . It can be had in a park, along a river, a beach. Any place where you can sit, dream and recharge the batteries. One of the best vacations I took, I went to Florida and sat on a beach. I did nothing but read and look for shells. Another I went to Maine and wandered a beach.

How about just sitting in the long grass on a summer’s day and feeling the warm sun on you neck and the blowing of a breeze. You might just be a part of a miracle?

Once I was walking through a field. I stopped for a moment and looked around . . . There were monarch butterflies everywhere. And I stood with my finger out and they landed unafraid of me. Why not, I wouldn’t hurt them. Dare to dream, live your dreams.

Dan Hanosh
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