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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Catch a bullet by the teeth

What’s with trains? As children everyone wants one . . . But when it comes to transportation needs we avoid them. California is talking about them, but are they willing to spend the tens of billions of dollars to make it a reality?

No one takes the time to travel by slow train anymore. For me that’s the only way to go. Everywhere there a people to talk to, stories at every turn. And maybe that’s just part of our decline. Everywhere we look to be by ourselves, never wanting to share elevators, buses, trains and if we can afford it, planes. We used to go to movies, now we take them home and shut the doors, build our fences.

In a world of ridiculous gas prices, still we just talk about trains. What happened to the innovations that America used to be?

We went to the moon and that created so many new inventions and yet everything seems to flying over seas . . . Cheaper prices, cheap labor, doesn’t always mean cheaper prices, just bigger profits.

For the last forty years we’ve been taking it easy . . . Grabbing the brass ring, rather than building a future, why? Why are we cashing in, rather than building the American Dream or should I call it copping out? Let me ask you this, when the American market is gone, what’s going to take its place? Where are you going to live?

For the last eight months, gas prices were cheaper than diesel and Friday that switched . . . Unleaded is 40 cents higher, diesel went down a dime. Why?

Because for eight months, diesel purchases gave you your discount and the profits remained stable and now the higher gas has allowed diesel to be discounted a dime. Thank you, I’ll take it. Capitalism got to love it, it’s the only game left . . .

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