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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Who works for whom?


You own your own business. You ask several of your employees to form a committee to determine what could be changed to better meet your customers needs . . . And they never get back to and when they do they say the meeting is confidential. What would you do?

You’d fire them . . .

That’s exactly what happened leading up to the Iraq war. Members of both parties knew the information being used to go to war was hand picked. And they said nothing . . . Hid behind the usual garbage, it’s classified. The media does nothing, we do nothing . . . And our children are dying. We don’t even know if the numbers are correct. No ones talking. How many have to be crippled before we wake up, how many billions do they have to waste, when we don’t even help our South.

And as long as our Senators and Representatives don’t realize they have a duty to us that circumvents any and I mean any oath of silence then things will never change.

Now I ask who works for whom?

Dan Hanosh
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