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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Lilies in the field May 9 2007

In a world of terrible events, there has to be something good to talk about . . . Dandelions are all that seems to pop into this mind. Why?

We’re bombarded with hate, terrible images of war and dying . . . The media has lost site of what’s important. How about some ramblings, ramblings on the wires?

The kids are graduating, getting ready to begin their lives on their own . . . As accountants, teachers, mechanics, grounds keepers, what they do is not as important, as that live happily.

Our children are moving out, finding their way, we did our jobs and now we pray . . . Sure it’s sorrowful, things will never be the same and yet, it’ll be so exciting to watch them grow, watch them achieve. So be happy they are spreading their wings, flapping the breeze and with a little nudge their flying.

Plan the vacation, family time is here again. Warm up the grill, fill up the pool, pull out the swimming trunks, put on the flip flops. Take a walk on a beach. Or raft the raging Colorado if you must, hike the Appellation Trail or just lie in the sun . . . But above all be happy.

Another summer, another breath, another step here on top . . . It’s a good day. All days are good days, aren’t they?

Dan Hanosh
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