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Friday, May 11, 2007

Deams Are Yours To Share

. . .

Love’s wild passion, friendships unconditional, inconceivable fantasies, adventures in our minds,
desires, move us, holds us. through those tedious
days of boredom, the twinkle of a child’s eye,
a slight, silent wink, the brush of a hip excites
us in the wee dawn hours, it’s in the strobe light
of the stars . . . dreams everywhere

now, they’ve gone, emptiness fills that
crevice, why can’t we have them, who has
hidden our hearts, why didn’t we follow
our passions path to purple rainbows, why
do they say we mustn’t, why can’t dreams
care for our families . . . and so we

everyone surrenders to the darkness, voided
blackness comes, ugliness engulfs our hearts
and our dreams slowly fade, burnt away by
tomorrow’s reality, of paths not taken,
left with nothing . . . I won’t live with
nothing, not anymore, I refuse to give in,
I refuse to listen to those who failed to
follow their dreams, I won’t anymore, I
won’t suffer to be a man, and I’ll make my
passions tomorrow’s reality . . . and I’ll
make my dreams worthy and overflowing with
love . . . dreams are yours to share.

Dan Hanosh
Dreams are yours to Share

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