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Saturday, May 12, 2007

The Best of Dreams for the week

Dreams Are Yours To Share . . .

Love’s wild passion, friendships unconditional, inconceivable fantasies, adventures in our minds,

desires, move us, holds us. through those tedious

days of boredom, the twinkle of a child’s eye,

a slight, silent wink, the brush of a hip excites

us in the wee dawn hours, it’s in the strobe light

of the stars . . . dreams everywhere

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Copyright Infringement . . . Gone Wild

If you thought we were the only writers that had such worries, think again . . . Aristotle had to worry about his work being erased, recycling gone astray.

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Lilies in the field

In a world of terrible events, there has to be something good to talk about . . . Dandelions are all that seems to pop into this mind. Why?

We’re bombarded with hate, terrible images of war and dying . . . The media has lost site of what’s important. How about some ramblings, ramblings on the wires?

The kids are graduating, getting ready to begin their lives on their own . . . As accountants, teachers, mechanics, grounds keepers, what they do is not as important, as that live happily.

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Book Review: Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom*****

A moving story of life and death, of loving and friendship . . . A professor and his life student, their friendship and the last class they shared together.

Author Mitch Albom shares with us, his last moments with a very special person, Morris S. Schwartz, his professor at Brandeis University . . .

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