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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Globalization Emigration and Communist China

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A friend of mine just got back from China. He was so excited. A business man, he couldn’t believe how cheap everything was over there. His words stuck on his tongue, he was so excited to be able to buy ovens, ice cream makers, furniture, etc., etc. for a third of what it would cost in the states. People from all over the world are flocking to China for cheap products, built with cheap labor and subsidized capitalization. They buy and fill up shipping containers, costs become miniscule, as does any import tariffs.

For anyone that hasn’t been to China, it’s fifteen hours away by air. You’re probably thinking, Isn’t China a communist country? It’s supposed to be. The Government gets 20% from the businesses and labor is .90 an hour. And the Country helps foreigners setup manufacturing plants. All you need is $10,000.

Factory workers work eight hours a day, seven days a week, because they are afraid to lose their jobs . . . Illegal Aliens work seven days a week because they are afraid of being rated out by their employers, losing their jobs and being sent home.

I know workers that used to have great paying jobs with great insurance, now they work for temp companies, for just above the minimum wage and they don’t have insurance. And I have listened to employers say that Americans don’t have the education, aren’t willing to do those jobs. Ok, each business owner, you’re out of business, where are you going to work? What are you willing to work for? The truth is greed is running globalization; they want you to believe its necessity. But when did they not have the choice of where to manufacture a product?

In China, they don’t have insurance . . . If someone is hurt in an accident and it’s your fault, you get to take care of them for the rest of your life.

We have a choice . . . But understand what it means, either get on the wagon or not . . . I prefer not. Call me stupid, but I believe in you and everyone that lives in the United States. Tough times are coming, while we wait for India, China and Mexico for labor rates to rise . . . Don’t hold your breath. China has few laws, no patents that they are likely to enforce, no copyrights. Send them a product and they will copy it mostly likely cheaper than any place in the world.

So what about tomorrow? What is our country going to look like? China has the very rich, the very poor and few in between. And if you tell me, the illegal workers will help with our efforts in globalization; I’ll tell I own beach front property in Arizona.

We are missing the boat . . . We could have put money into retooling manufacturing companies in the United States. Our products would have cost more and the quality would be better. But instead of trying to compete, we outsource jobs and services to cut costs. But when you outsource, you have no control over the ultimate price of making the product. What they want in the end is what you are going to pay . . . Today products are cheap, tomorrow we’ll be paying a fortune.

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