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Thursday, May 24, 2007

What Will You Leave Behind?


I have a small shelf sized shopping cart filled with objects. It’s my version of a time capsule. The objects are things that define a moment in my life. Mostly junk, but each has its own story.

+ a copy of my first book, “The World Outside My Window”

+ a flask

+ an old disk drive with its cover off

+ a rosary and a book explaining how to pray the rosary

+ my Grandpa’s pocket watch and his skeleton keys for his front door

+ a second place band ribbon

+ a Kiwanis Coaster

+ a pen with a book on it

+ an American Legion Poppy

+ a $200 check given to me by my oldest boy

+ a pack of matches

+ my youngest son’s exercise rope used after surgery

+ a river runt fishing lure with no hooks

+ a harmonica box with an old pocket knife inside and two

Montana Quarters

+ piece my youngest made in jewelry class

+ a broken watch

+ a door knocker

+ a Candle given to me by a friend

+ a business card announcing my first book

+ a flower bowl, I sold as a child – my first sales job

+ And a shopping cart . . . Which has an extreme significance to


Each item is a story in itself, each item in totality tells my story of who I am, what I’ve done.

Not everything, but if you looked around my room, you would have an almost complete characterization of me. And if you went around the house and yard, little would be left out of my story.

My family may never know the stories behind those object, but they do know I valued each of them and then they can wonder. At one time or other we all will wonder and that is a gift. My gift to them is an adventure into the unknown.

What will you leave behind?

Dan Hanosh

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