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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Emigration Internment or Globalization


Does anyone remember the horrors of WWII? Everyone remembers the concentration camps, but how about the internment camps in this country?

Don’t think we’ll ever go back to that . . . Think again.

Many would have the Government round up the illegal aliens and ship them back to where ever they came from . . . It wasn’t done after the Civil War and it won’t be done now. At one time businesses were afraid to hire those coming across the border and did so quietly. Now it has reached epidemic levels. There are undocumented workers everywhere. Why?

Our Government hasn’t taken their responsibility of securing our borders seriously and now they try to assimilate them into our society. Many of us are afraid our culture will be misplaced by theirs . . . That will only happen if we take on their cultures ourselves. And that’s not going to happen.

Currently we don’t know how many illegal aliens have come into the United States, where they live or who they are . . . And that’s the problem.

Undocumented people can slip undetected through the system.

So, what does that hurt? No one knows for sure . . . We can only surmise that each one costs everyone more because of what they use and don’t pay for . . . Emergency services, schools, public resources, etc.

Without any documentation how can someone legally work? They can’t unless the employer pays them under the table, unless employers break the law. Why, would employers opt for a record-less employee? Because he is cheaper . . . He is forced by fear to work harder, longer and can not complain.

Ok let’s say they pay them cash . . . No payroll taxes are paid. And they live in an apartment, house and pay the landlord cash. Now there really isn’t any record of payment tied back to the transaction. And if the landlord isn’t exactly honest, he may not report back to the IRS the correct rent amount and pocket the rest. And every time something is purchased someone along the way has the ease of not reporting it correctly.

So why is the excepted excuse that they do the work Americans won’t do? If farmers were paying $1000 a week to work in the fields, there would be so many Americans picking cotton they would be turned away. But that won’t happen. And if you make workers legal, their pay will go up, why? Because they won’t have to settle, they can leave to work somewhere else. Now will employers be so quick to hire them if they had to pay them more? I’m not so sure.

This thing call Globalization is a bunch of BS . . . Labor is the largest cost for every business and at most times makes up almost 33% of their costs. Any reduction in labor, increases profits and that’s why we outsource to other countries, use temp services and hire emigrants/illegal aliens. That’s even why health insurance is tied to the employer and why so many don’t have it.

It’s my belief that anything they do will be better than it is now.

Dan Hanosh

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